Executive Team Engagements

“Coaching lit a fire under my team.”
Rigoberto Giron, CARE

“Our coach was an expert who brought the skills, objectivity and authority to perform the diagnostics, and show the team how to achieve excellence. This investment will pay off for years to come.”
Emily Ellison, Literacy Action

“Instead of just delegating tasks, I’m delegating ownership to my team. I can focus at the 30,000 foot view, leading rather than managing.”
John Berry, St. Vincent de Paul of Atlanta

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Leadership Workshops

“Attending this workshop reminded me of my responsibility, as a manager and leader, to invest in my team.”

“I learned how a leader at any level can unlock the potential of those on their teams.”

“A refresher at a time when our organization requires leaders to adjust. This was truly great timing.”

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“The Summit unleashed our creativity, and we connected with each other for bigger and better ideas.”

“Our work is draining and demanding. This Summit helped me re-focus, re-energize, and re-commit.”

“How powerful to be in a roomful of allies with an aligned purpose.”

“What a transformational Summit.”

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