Creating an Accountability Culture: Amp up your culture and improve results


  • Receive your Executive Tool Kit with 7 culture game changers
  • Learn how to train your staff on tools
  • Jump-start culture alignment even when teams are constantly changing


  • Emmaus House Case Study: How their 6 Month Coaching Intensive is still improving the culture a year later.
  • How Teams Manage Conflict without the Leader: Get the leader out of the middle. Strengthen teams to handle it themselves. Free up the leader to lead.
  • Accountability Across Teams and Community Partners: Learn the impact of asking powerful questions. What can I count on you for? What do I WISH I could count on you for?
  • Mindfulness in the Workplace: How do nonprofits use reflection and stillness practices to reduce stress and improve productivity.

Inspiring Summit Highlight Reel:

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